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The groovebar turns your drum set into a hybrid drum kit.

The groovebar turns your drum set into a hybrid drum kit.
Easily attached, it's your key to the unlimited possibilities of an E-Drum.
The look of your drum set remains acoustic, you can even continue to play it as a pure acoustic set. But with the groovebar, a new heart beats to your rhythm, delivering the finest trigger signals to your drum module.
With its various mounting options, the groovebar is THE trigger system for every acoustic set. It fits all snare drums, tom shells from 8'' to 16'' and bass drums of any size.
The groovebar trigger system is perfectly engineered for use in the studio, for home recording and for live performance on stage. It offers head and rim triggering, positional sensing and e-drumming without a hot spot.
Your set stays visually as it is. The groovebar is invisible from the outside. But your audience will hear it. And you will love it!

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You don't have to drill or glue a single thing. The groovebar simply fits onto the existing screws and fits into any shells. Everything you need is included. Your drum set stays as it is.

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The adjustment of the groovebar is easily done with a few settings. The triggers react to the finest impulses. The playing feel on your drumheads will not be affected.

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The groovebar is invisible from the outside. A small cable is all you need to hook it up to the unlimited sound variety of your module.


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Great snare drums, like a Ludwig Supraphonic or a Sonor Signature, sound unique and just right for an individual drum sound. Toms made of birch wood or bass drums made of maple - they all have their unique tunes.
But how many of these drums do you own? With the groovebar and a good module, you can play all these sounds. Instantly, on your demand and without limits. With your existing drumset - no matter if it's a cheap starter kit, an individual vintage kit or a Set of expensive high-end shells.
The trigger bar made by drum-tec fits in everywhere and makes sure that your playing is detected in all its subtleties and the module brings to life all the nuances of the drum sound of your choice.
The whole appearance of your set remains 'acoustic' and you can continue to play it as a normal acoustic set. However, we don't think you will....
The drum-tec groovebar trigger system works with most E-Drum modules on the market. It works perfectly with any Roland E-Drum module from the TD-3 to TD-17, TD-27 to TD-50 and TD-50X, with the Mimic Pro module from Pearl, all Roland Octapads and Multipads, the ATV module aD5 and xD3, all modules from EFNOTE and many more E-Drum modules.

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